Create Your Convention

Don't use the same password that you use for Internet Banking.


The custom site should only consist of letters and numbers, with no spaces.


Other Convention Settings

Minimum age of participants

Should the minimum age be checked at the start or the end of the event

Should the maximum age be checked at the start or the end of the event


Australian conventions may choose to use the Church Payment Gateway, however this must be cleared with the Church Offices, and you will need to request statements from them showing the incoming transactions.
If you wish to use this gateway, select Other for now, and then after speaking to the Church Offices and obtaining permission to use the gateway, edit your account settings later to select Credit Card CommWeb payment gateway.

You can instruct participants to pay by cheque, or to transfer their fees to a particular bank account. You should indicate the that they should use their reference number with any payment. You can enter these details later.